We offer private classes to businesses and individuals upon request, the prices may vary for this service. Evening class times are available. We travel in and outside of Alberta to provide training as well

Our training facility is fully licensed and Alberta Health inspected. We train in small class sizes to ensure your one on one time with the instructor. Select classes include blood borne pathogens and/or first aid training


Makeup Artistry 101

6 days | kit included

Learn all of the basics of makeup artistry. This 6 day course covers all of the basics and dips into some advanced areas. We pride ourselves on the quality of this course and is taught by an experienced makeup artist. Learn about contouring, highlighting, bridal, drag, and more!



Training can days vary | kit included | GiGi Wax

An essential spa service and must have skill! We show you how to properly use strip and hard wax methods. Include this awesome money maker in your facials and brow services with brow and lip waxes!



5 training days | kit included

This popular service is a great addition to any estheticians skill set. Learn the art of hair strokes, needle selection, pigment selection and configuration, skin anatomy, client selection, contraindications, and Alberta Heath and Safety standards and requirements. After the extensive  5 days of training you should be confident in your skills to provide this service in your salon . You will need to complete 14 case studies with before and after pictures, before booking your 5th day which will include a written and practical examination before certification can be granted! We offer all our students continued support and mentoring after your initial training days at no extra cost! We believe that your success is our success!!

As an added bonus this class also includes a brow tinting and shaping class   valued at $849.00. 


Mani + Pedi

4 training days | kit included | Footlogix \ NSI Polydip and LED polish

A good mani & pedi spa day will never go out of style. Bring these basic yet essential services into your skill set!


Basic Pedicure

2 training days | kit included | Footlogix

There is nothing like a good pedicure! Whether your client would like to focus on the polish and massage or if your client needs some attention on their hurting heels, we will teach you how to handle anything that comes your way.


Basic Manicure

2 training days | kit included

Step into the world of nails with manicures! You will learn nail anatomy, nail diseases and disorders, and great polish technique.


Lash Tinting, Lifting, & Perming

1 training day | kit included | Refectocil | Elleebana

Learn lash tinting and lifting with Elleebana! Top name brand products that provide a great service. Elleebana has a faster processing time (without any added chemical fumes) which means you can do more clients in a day. Elleebana is also rated the top lash lifting brand in the world!


Eyelash Extensions

2 training days | kit included | Bella Lash

Beautiful lashes are always in style, this is a must have skill for many estheticians. Learn from a master lash artist, this kit has every tool and product you need to start  doing lashes on clients now!




5 training days | kit included

Learn the art of skincare, yes it is an art! You will learn skin anatomy, skin diseases and disorders, product ingredients, skin typing, and up-selling home care. Facial massage techniques will have your clients in a blissful state.


Gel Nails

4 training days | kit included

Gel nails are truly a luxurious service. You will learn overlay, sculpting, tips, and french nail techniques! Gel product and tools are included. Option 2 for gel nails includes a significantly larger kit for $3500.00

                       $1495.00 +

Acrylic Nails

4 training days | Add on to gel nails for $350 | kit included

Acrylic nails are great for your clients who need a strong hold. A different technique than gel is used.




Permanent Makeup

5 training days | kit included | Cheyenne Spirit | Nouveau Contour

Learn to tattoo eyeliner (upper & lower), lip liner, and brows! This includes a full name brand tattoo machine set up as well as blood borne pathogens training. We have options between a classic rotary tattoo machine (ideal for PMU, removal, body camouflage, etc.) or a digital Nouveau Contour machine (easy to use, great for PMU applications only)

Cheyenne Spirit Kit + Class $5500.00

Nouveau Contour Kit + Class $4500.00


Tattoo Removal

2 training days | kit included | Cheyenne Spirit

Using concentrated saline solution and a tattoo machine you will be able to achieve considerable fading results! This is a fast growing alternative to LASER. Safe for the eye area unlike LASER treatments. Less painful, if they could handle the tattoo, this will be a breeze!

with kit (machine and product) $2495.00 / without machine $1800.00 (only the fading solution is included)


Advanced Microblading

2 training days | kit included (shading needles)

Previous microblading experience is required as well as proof of certification. This advanced class will be going in depth into color theory, advanced blades and blade techniques (shading/ ombre/ hybrid), and touching on correction/ removal using the manual method. Up your microblading game to the next level and be able to provide for all your clients brow needs!



Volume Lashes

1 or 2 training days I kit included

Previous lash extension experience and certification required. Learn Volume lashes from a triple certified volume lash artist! Learn multiple pick-up methods, tips and tricks and more!

*$1000 for one day

$1395 for 2 day



Sharplight IPL

3 training days

IPL training can include hair reduction, skin rejuvination, ACNE blue light therapy, and correcting vascular/ pigmented lesions 

$1500.00 +

Paraffin & Hot Stone Facial

2 training days | kit included


Chemical Peels

1 training day | kit included

Learn this advanced exfoliation technique using a variety of different strengths and type. Learn how to match your client to the correct peel for their needs. Learn to up-sell during regular facials.



1 training day | kit included | myDermapen

Microneedling is a texture resurfacing technique involving small needles puncturing the skin to promote the bodies natural healing process. Amazing results for ACNE scars and deep wrinkles!



Microblading refresher

1 training day

Previous microblading experience required, two models, and your personal kit are required. This class is for professionals looking to brush up on their skills or obtain critical information and training that they may not have received elsewhere.


Lash Lifting

1 training day | kit included | Ellebana

Lash lifting is a great addition to lash extensions or use it on its own for clients who prefer their natural lashes. This method gives an instant lift from the root of the lashes giving the eye a more open look. 




1 training day | kit included | Refectocil

Learn lash and brow tinting in just one afternoon.


Semi-Permanent Mascara

1 training day | kit included Elleebana


Facial Waxing

1 training day

This one day workshop will teach you traditional strip wax and hard wax methods of hair removal specific to the face. This is great for any brow, lash, or skincare techs looking to up sell their services. Add a professional kit for just $249.


The Art of Brow Shaping

1 training day

Learn to correctly shape a persons eyebrows according to their anatomy.


Paraffin Treatment

1 Training day | Kit included

Learn paraffin foot and hand masks as well as paraffin facial masking. 



Male Waxing

1 training day

Male waxing techniques including male Brazilian



1 training day

Learn tips and tricks to make this service to quick and smooth. 



Airbrush Spray Tan

1 training day | kit available

Airbrush spray tan technique. Kit for spray tan comes with tent, product, and machine. The kit + class is $899.00



All prices subject to gst

All Prices subject to change

*All deposits and payments are non-refundable but are transferrable to another course type and date.


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