laser hair removal

SharpLight ipl offer non-invasive, clean and relatively painless treatment for hair removal and permanent hair reduction. Suitable for any body area and size, from bikini lines and axilla to larger areas such as hands, legs, back, shoulders and abdomen. Our unique technology is safe and reliable, offering excellent hair reduction results with minimum discomfort.




Face Hair

Before Your Appointment


Here are some of the things that will help the service go smoothly. 

  • No caffeine (more painful)

  • Eat a few hours before appointment

  • Drink lots of water

  • Make sure you are well rested

  • No sun tanning or sunburned skin

After Your Appointment

  • No sun exposure/ sun tanning on the treated area for 24-48 hours. Wear SPF at all times if uncovered

  • No exfoliation on the treated area for 48 hours

  • No chemical peels on the treated area for 1 week

  • Do not partake in body temperature raising activities for 48 hours