$199 per 4x4 inches of tattoo'd skin

what is Hypertonic Saline Removal?

This method uses a tattoo machine to implant saline [salt water] into the tattoo being removed. The pigment molecules stick to the saline, and your body pushes the saline outwards taking the pigment with it. Once the skin has been sufficiently worked hypertonic saline is applied over top. This draws the saline and pigment upwards towards the surface of the skin, this forms a scab containing pigment molecules. 

  • This method is no more painful than the original tattoo 

  • Can be preformed on the face and eye area safely 

  • Minimal chance of scarring

Before Your Appointment


While their are many differences between LASER and the Hypertonic method, one thing remains the same. Multiple treatments may be required depending on the depth and saturation of the tattoo, as well as other physical road blocks. We cannot give an estimate on how many treatments as everyone's skin and tattoo will react differently. We will be able to do treatments until we feel there is no more lightening that can be achieved. This is a lightning process, removal can be achieved but is not guaranteed. 

  • Do not drink alcohol 24 ours prior

  • Do not take any pain medications unless necessary 

  • Do not sun tan or have sunburned skin

  • Be prepared to follow the aftercare

After Your Appointment


Preforming the correct aftercare will directly affect how well the treatment is received. Without following the aftercare there is a significant chance of failure to pull pigment or scarring.

  • Do not touch your removal area

  • For the first 7 days avoid water and moisture near the removal area

  • After the first 7 days wash once a day with mild unscented soap, rinsing well, pat dry

  • Do not apply any creams or ointments

  • Do not pick at the scabbing [can lead to scarring] and do not rub the scabbing

  • Wear loose clothing as not to dislodge any scabbing or irritate the area, it must exfoliate off naturally

  • No sun exposure or tanning  while healing [can lead to scarring]

  • Be patient, the healing process takes time but it is necessary to achieve a pull of the pigment.